Cats gone wild

Why Evolution Is True

Lots of photos today: felids and otherwise.  This photo and tweet by “Raymond” was contributed by reader Grania:

Picture 2Picture 2

Why don’t they make horror movies with overgrown housecats from scientific experiments gone awry?

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Two Germans with a MacBook prove that God exists

Interesting Article! But i’m of the mind that if you have to do it this way, it’s not really faith!

Why Evolution Is True

A new report at ABC News, “Computer scientists ‘prove’ God exists”, says that two German scientists using a MacBook have proven the existence of God.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that it appears to be old news: that is, they have somehow mathematically formalized the ontological proof of God, which has always been known to be wrong, as channeled through Kurt Gödel, who had his own modal-logic proof of God resting on similar arguments.

In case you’ve forgotten this old chestnut, the ontological argument, first formulated by St. Anselm, runs like this (I give Wikipedia‘s characterization of Anselm’s argument, which resembles all the succeeding ones):

  1. Our understanding of God is a being than which no greater can be conceived.
  2. The idea of God exists in the mind.
  3. A being which exists both in the mind and in reality is greater than a being…

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The Lord is our Righteousness;

Nothing we do, say, think, believe or conceive can add to or take away from the Righteousness that is Christ Jesus. He is literally why we are Righteous. Period. Our sins have been forgiven, the past, present and future sins that we have committed in His sight are not even remembered by Jehovah because we ARE Righteous, NOW! Today! Because of Jesus. So it’s no longer a case of how good we act, or how many sins we avoid or how many times we ask for forgiveness, or ANY other human effort of atonement. There is NO atonement from Human origins, EVER. Only the perfect sacrifice and obedience, unto death, by Jesus the Christ was able to provide to us the stamp of Righteousness before God the Father for Eternity. It is. Being Righteous in God’s sight is an accepted FACT in the court of Jehovah. We must act on this FACT and walk BOLDLY into the Throne room of our Father as His Word commands us to and present ourselves before Him and stand before Him who sees all and judges the hearts and minds of men blameless, shameless, humble, obedient, with boldness, without self condemnation, guilt or the stain of sin and then we are to participate by our Words and Deeds in the Governing of our Fathers Kingdom and it’s business.